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Raymarine develops and manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic equipment for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. Designed for high performance and ease of use, the award-winning products are available through a global network of dealers and distributors. The Raymarine product lines include radar, navigation aids, instruments, fishfinders, communications, software and systems. For more information about Raymarine call 1-800-539-5539 or visit www.raymarine.com.

Navionics established itself as the pioneer in electronic charting, introduced the first electronic charts to the world, and opened a new era of navigation. Navionics quickly established an early lead in electronic cartography followed by a series of technological innovations, and continues to be a leader in quality, coverage and value. The benefits of electronic charting to the safety of navigation have created a large and enthusiastic market that continues to grow each year.

Triton's state-of-the-art materials and construction methods give our boats tremendous strength without excess weight. You benefit from faster acceleration, greater top-end speed, a soft, dry ride in rough water and increased fuel efficiency for both your outboard and your tow vehicle. Greater strength means a longer- lasting boat with the best warranty in the business. Extra flotation means greater safety for you, your family and your fishing partners. Quality. Innovation. Safety. That's the Triton difference.
Visit them today www.tritonboats.com

Johnson's Boatyard is an authorized dealers for Mercury, Honda and Suzuki Outboards. They specialize in repowering boats with Mercruiser and outboard power, and provide a full range of mechanical and waterside services. They are a full service shop that provides tuneups to complete overhauls for virtually any marine engine including Johnson and Evinrude outboards, and Mercruisers and Cobra stern drives, I/Os, and inboards. Johnson's Boatyard provides a comprehensive range of services for powerboaters up to 35' using genuine factory replacement parts and quality products like Interlux Paint. Johnson's is located on beautiful Wickford Harbor on the west side of Narragansett Bay, 20 miles south of Providence, Rhode Island.

As hard as it is to believe today, prior to the mid-1980s, there was no such thing as a 'soft stickbait' or 'soft jerkbait'. Back then, Lunker City Fishing Specialties occupied Herb Reed's garage, and supplied a small group of avid anglers with custom-built spinnerbaits (Thunder Blades), living rubber jigs (Jungle Jigs) and hand poured soft plastic lures in color patterns that at the time, were considered exotic. The soft-stickbait concept germinated when Reed connected a few common bass fishing observations.

Reed's observations led him to conclude that the most powerful factor in generating strikes was erratic, out-of-control action. On several occasions, he watched bass ignore — even charge right through — a school of baitfish to attack an injured or dying minnow. He theorized that the erratic, random motions of the distressed baitfish were a natural trigger for predators in the "survival of the fittest" way of the aquatic world.

Reed set out to design and construct a lure that could be fished on heavy tackle in heavy cover; that would capitalize on the predator's affinity for long, slender prey; offered the rigging versatility to be fish from top to bottom and everywhere in between and above all, one that captured the erratic, out-of-control behavior of a baitfish in trouble. The general shape came quickly. "Tuning" the details of the shape took several seasons. When it all came together, and Reed applied his artist's background (he was an acclaimed illustrator before Lunker City took over all his time) to creating color patterns that would mimic common baitfish better than anything that had ever been poured in soft vinyl, the results worked far beyond even his most optimistic expectations.


At Sage, we know not every angler fishes for trout. Maybe you enjoy blindcasting to stripers from the shore and jumping tarpon on the flats. Or perhaps you love working large drifts for steelhead. No matter where your passion lies, we understand your angling needs are as unique as the fish themselves. And because each fishing situation is different, Sage has continually innovated and improved our rod design to fit the special nature of your particular fishery.

Sunglasses for serious sportsmen and athletes! Looking for the highest performance and reliability in your gear? Are you testing the elements? Whether out on the open water, high on a snowy mountain ridge, or below the grueling summer sun, you need polarized sunglasses to provide UV protection, a clear view of your prey, a comfortable yet competent grip, and the durability to withstand an impact from a treacherous fall, a rogue wave or a hard-driven volleyball. These polarized sunglasses are ideal for the angler, boater, sailor or water sport enthusiast. The polarized lenses also work well to reduce the glare on the snow for skiers and snowboarders, on the beach for volleyball players and surfers. Azores polarized sunglasses have a comfortable fit with rubberized grips to hold tight in the hills for climbers and mountain bicyclists, and wrap tightly for protection against the wind for motorcyclists, jet skiers and other fast paced sports. Lifetime warranty!


Product, Experience & Knowledge - A Powerful Combination
We excel in all three areas and believe it is why our customers return repeatedly to shop at Compleat-Angler year after year.

Great Products
We offer the largest inventory of fly-fishing equipment and accessories in the tri-state area. We carry rods from Sage, G. Loomis, Winston, Thomas & Thomas, etc. From starter kits to the latest equipment, you will find it here.

Years of Experience
We have been in business 20 years offering our expertise to literally thousands of new and well-seasoned fishermen worldwide. Orders are shipped overnight to have you equipped and ready to go the next day. We share our experience in many ways. Most Saturdays we conduct fly-fishing lessons for newcomers to the sport. Our email newsletter keeps subscribers aware of sales, new products and local events.

Regional & Local Knowledge
On any given day there is always someone at the store ready to share the regional hot spots. Whether it is one of us or the frequent visits of fisherman stopping by to buy pick up a few things before heading out. Stop by and learn why others make it their favorite fly-fishing shop. Rich in products, experience & knowledge is what we are all about.


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