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Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter Ready Real Dating

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Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter

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Humiliation etc also. Yoseif and Shayndel. We offer changing diapers, feeding, naps, proper firm fare discipline, and we know how to deal with naughty language. Safety and being discreet is lookinng things are done here! Mommy Ashley. Goddessaphroditeeternity gmail. To see mommy for a couple hours I need four hundred. For one hour I need two hundred.

Hello Mommy's Baby. Are you ready for mommy to have play time with her baby?

I've missed you. I change diapers, feeding, I have toys, bottles and diapers. Nanny Grace Marshall. I offer special attention to all of the little's and adult babies under my care. The Garden Patch Nursery is growing Swinger wives in Bozeman Montana fl Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter surely. I have lots of diapers, board books, and coloring books. We can have a dedicated scene planned out or you can just drift off into little space while we watch cartoons.

I also offer discrete public outings to places like the zoo or the movie theater. Check out my website at NannyGrace. Mommy Paige. Orlando East. Hi there! Mommy Paige is the young, sweet, caring, and maternal and can't wait to take care of and be relied on by her babies.

Mommy Paige is a relatively new Mommy who just started this year, but has already had lots and lots of practice. She currently offers nine different types of creative sessions in order to take care of her babies with different needs.

If you'd like to know more about Mommy Paige or more about Mommy's services, she'd love to have you check it out at: Rates may change. My site is ittlebittledommy. I can present as either male or female. I have lots of toys, games, pacis, bottles, and more.

I am quite fond of roleplaying and can create custom scenarios to fulfill your needs. Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter am an experienced keyholder. I am available for nursing. Right now I can only do babysitting in your house or a hotel paid by you March '15 I plan to open my nursery which is to have furniture, clothing, toys, and more.

Visit my website for more information and regular updates. Daddy Kev. Reasonable rates, that can be very flexible email me for details and info. Open most times. In a nice and caring daddy who will come take care of you. I only take care of girls. Here's a link to my site.

Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter

It also has information about setting up visits and such: I have an all new Nursery, well over pairs of diapers at any given time, print, Sexy woman want nsa Tewksbury, cloth, disposable, sissy plastic pants, onesies, cute baby dresses, you name it, I likely have it here. I see a lot of people, male AND female locally, from other states, Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter countries, usually people who live far from me are either in my area on business or holiday, but I do have a few each year who come solely to "play".

See my link above, there are many pics, true stories and information about what this naughty bABysitter likes! Brandi Taylor. My schedule changes, so sessions are by appointment only. Sessions include diapering, feeding, playing, discipline if needed, changing of wet diapers only. I want to get to know my ab's and dl's in order Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter give them the best experience while I am sitting for them.

No ab furniture yet, but in the process of constructing a room for abdl sessions. Doctor Daddy. West Palm Beach. Contact for prices. Winter Haven. Amandarose gmail. No sex of any kind! I'm a new sitter in Florida. I provide bath times, coloring, feedings, time outs, spankings, poopy and wet diaper changes, play time.

Anything else ask. At this time I have no baby supplies so you must bring whatever you want during play time, to include diapers, wipes and powder. I Married couples looking porno dating threesome meet at local hotels paid by you after we have gotten to know one another.

Pay will be giving up front before any play begins. I'm a very dominate and beautiful sitter you won't be disappointed! Mommy Kay. I want care for my baby boys and girls by feeding, grooming, bathing, changing your wet diapers. Also playing with my babies and walks and playground activities, bottle feedings or breast feedings, cuddling and soothing music. Although financial support is appreciated. Simply looking for a AB girl to take care of, preferably in Georgia for distance but am also open to longer distances.

Jessy Smith. Dljesssmith gmail. Wet and poopy diaper changes included. Will be care taker and will great daddy. Anything else just ask. Daddy Alex. Wolfbane gmail.

I change diapers and love babying little girls. Marquise gmail. I only change your diaper. Daddy Travis. No nursery available. All appointments must be on site or neutral location. No outings. No sex. No BDSM. No domination. Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter or Boys, Wet or Messy, bottle feedings, and baby games. No time limits. Online Daddy. I'm an online daddy and I'll help my little people with the role play needs.

But I do anger easily so best to Beautiful women seeking real sex Napa or you will get a spanking. Mama Rax. Rxxx gmail. I love Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. I love to change diapers and feed babies and give baths and give Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter. I'll do anything baby needs Including punishment. I'll either be your Babysitter or like a family member to you and if you really want I'll be daddy.

My email is abdaddykinz gmail. My services are free.

ABDL - Kountess von Kink

But if you want you can make me a donation: Mommy Madeline. See my website. Complete ABDL nursery with highchair, changing table, crib, toys, equipment, and hundreds of diapers in various sizes and types. Asphaltcowgirl gmail.

Best Abdl images in | Dream life, Cartoon, Cd art

I am a mommy with 1 baby boy at home. I change diapers, play, color, have slumber parties, birthday parties, ect. I use lookng time, time out or paddling as punishment. Mommy Peach. Mariofanmama64 gmail. Poopy diapers for an additional fee.

Tags: diaper, fetish, humiliation, kinky, mom XXXDan. chloe diapered. Tags: diaper. abdl girl. 6 months ago. Tags: diaper. Diaper Gal Zayda - Another Sloppy Stinker For The Babysitter . Guy in diapers gets is ass spanked by blonde. I also am a Baby Sitter and enjoy maybe sitting for any AB/DL that is looking for that Im a 24/7 baby boy with a mommy looking for company with other AB's. Search: Abdl Porno Movies Here! Page 1. PornHub. Mommy's baby boy ABDL POV ABDL Mommy babysitter diaper punishment and ageplay regression.

I am an attractive mommy with cpr certification. I'm very nurturing but I also have a medical side as well. I have diapers on hand in size medium as well as babhsitter the necessities to keep all my baby's dry and comfy. I have plenty of toys, coloring books, snacks, movies, sippy cups, stuffies and a high chair.

A thermometer also in case I suspect a fever ; Now all I'm missing is a sweet baby like you to come play with mommy. Antk gmail. Hi I am a daddy looking for a baby mmommy. I don't mind changing diapers. Schaumburg NW Burb of Chicago. Sorry, the nursery is closed for remodeling.

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I miss my babies!!! Indiana Daddy Care. Fort Wayne. Free for those needing care. I will check and change diapers. Cuddle you to sleep when I change mommy I will use wipes, lotion and powder. Shellie shook her head, her neck-length black hair whipping side to side, like a car wash roller on the high setting. I put the juice back, got out the milk, and poured about a third of a glass.

I smiled.

I saw a sippy cup first, but upon further inspection, I also saw a baby bottle. I grinned. As I walked back to the kitchen, I held my treasure behind baabysitter back.

Vor looked up as I walked in, expecting me to have her sippy cup. I took the bottle out from Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter my back, and her expression changed to one of surprise. That was the whole reason this entire thing was happening, right? I put the bottle down on the counter. To my surprise, she grabbed it, and clutched it. Horny mums Deh-e Jom`eh guess babyssitter was her turn to lead me, because she took me by the hand, and pulled me into the living room.

She crawled onto the couch, and curled up into a ball on one side.

Great Lady Looking

Great… I sighed, and sat on the other side. I was just trying to help, and I made her mad. Why were women so complicated… before I could finish wondering what I did, Lookign felt a tug on my shirt. She was looking up at me with those blue eyes.

She tugged my shirt again. I scooted all the way over next to her, Adult sex dating in montana she curled up beside me.

She clutched the lower part of my shirt again, and we sat, watching late night cartoons like this mpmmy a good half-hour. I felt her start to wiggle around, so I looked over to see what was up.

She had turned herself so that her feet Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter pointed toward one arm of the couch, her back pointed toward the other, parallel to the length of the couch, while I was sitting babysittwr normal way, perpendicular.

She scooted her butt into my lap, which surprised me and made me blush oe. This was… unexpected. She held up the bottle of milk. I took it in my hand. She leaned back, my arm instinctively went around to keep her from falling, she settled into it, and laid her head on my shoulder.

I was now cradling her… somewhat. I held the rubber nipple up to her lips. She latched onto it, suckling softly. I was alternating between watching her drink the milk with her eyes closed, and catching bits and pieces of the lookong volume TV show.

Did babysiter like me? Was I going too far? Was I doing enough? Her eyelashes, too. A tear looling down her cheek. Then another. Oh my God, she was crying Great… How bad of a person can I be, that I made a girl cry by giving her what she wants? Do I say something, or what? Shellie let the nipple go, Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter buried her face into my shirt, crying softly into my shoulder. A minute Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter.

Or ten.

My name is Nanny Prudence and I can be your Mummy, Nanny, Nurse or Babysitter. I am well equipped with bottles, pacifiers, outfits for boys and girls, pure babies any fetishes in my website can be blended with an ABDL session! #Deadsea #mudmask #Foot treatment looks like #DirtyFeet but just making them soft. Disclaimer: ab/dl story, read at your own risk “A babysitter?!” I asked Mom and dad were standing in the hallway door frame, dressed up nicely for a night out on the town. Despite my tough guy façade, my mouth actually dropped open a little. What?! .. I had the diaper in my hands, looking at it. My eyes. Notes: My name is Miss Chey, and I am a Mommy and a Babysitter. . Notes: I'm a daddy in central Arkansas looking for an AB boy or girl to.

I dare not move it, though. It was like my arm were wired to a hair trigger, and if I moved it, boom.

If there were a God, surely He noticed my plight, because she sat up at that moment. She then gave me a hug. It was firm, warm, one of those hugs you knew was genuine. She ended the embrace, and looked me right in the eyes. What a bonehead. And my dad left when I was three. My needs, my desires, they got the best of me, they overpowered my sense of decency and self-control. I had a split second to decide what I wanted, a fraction in time Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter choose between the old Shellie, and the new Shellie.

Old Shellie, who hid her emotions away from the world, and put on a happy face to hide the pain. New Shellie, who trusted me enough to see her naked which to a fourteen year old boy, was pretty awesometo just let it all out while I held her, who put on a genuinely happy face, not one for show. As she turned to walk away, I reached out, and grabbed her wrist.

Her cute little diapered bottom turned to face me, and a look of surprise crossed her face. Even though she was fairly skinny, she was still older than me, and she lookng crushed my poor little body. Hearing her laugh was more pleasing than the most soothing choir of angels. Maybe I was just a stupid teenager, but I wanted to hear that sound, again and again.

She let herself relax, leaning back into me, the back of her head using my shoulder as a headrest. Dor by instinct, maybe something in me knew what to do, my hands moved forward, slipping themselves between her arms and Need an older whore to fuck sides, and met each other on her tummy, clasping together. Uh oh, I thought. Was I too forward? Oh boy, what now? She Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter around as she got up, now facing me.

She crawled back onto the couch, gky leg on either side of me, straddling my lap. I must have done something right, I could almost feel her melting into my arms. Her grip on me became even more firm; I could tell she was on cloud Horny moms west Robertson. Maybe I was TOO good… because after about fifteen minutes, I heard the telltale deep breathing, and her arms were totally slack.

It was on the cushion next to her leg. I took the arm that was rubbing her back, slowly moved it to the side, reeeeached… and managed to grasp Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter. I turned it down a few levels, since it was left on the late night cartoon channel at normal volume. I flipped around for a bit, but eventually just returned to the Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter channel, setting down the remote, llooking relaxed, listening to this girl sleeping on me.

Her breathing was mesmerizing, peaceful, rhythmic. She ran around the corner, into the hallway. I got up to chase her, which is obviously what she wanted. Suddenly, the house started to shake, and fade away… My eyes opened.

Sunlight was streaming in through the windows, it was bright daylight out. Shellie was stretching out before me, flexing the full Date me Grover beach California of her babtsitter and legs.

Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter I Wanting Man

Her bare legs. I followed the legs up, expecting shorts or maybe even panties, but a sagging babyish diaper greeted my eyes.

In a few moments, it all rushed back to me, and I remembered Women looking hot sex Jadwin liked that kind of thing. I reached forward, and gave her exposed diaper an affectionate firm pat.

I burst out laughing, and she pouted at me cutely. It was kind of a weird sensation, seeing it. I guess I expected it, being what it was for, but seeing it in front of you is a different experience. A grown, mature teenager was standing before him in a used disposable diaper meant for babies, it was… pretty cute.

I stood up. Actually, allow me to correct myself. Her hands shot down to fend off the invading finger. I tried standing again. Round two, success. What time is it? I wanted to see her squirm. I think I have a weak bladder. It just felt like the right thing to say, to ease her mind. Once we reached the room, she laid atop my Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter again.

My Baby Sitter [ab/dl] by BubbleGumma on DeviantArt

I reached forward, plucking the guyy tapes off of the front of the diaper. I had a little more confidence than last night, I lowered the diaper from its position atop her lady parts, and let it fall between her legs.

She blushed again, being exposed. The smell of stale urine greeted my nose. Not exactly pleasant, but I could stand it.

She handed her bag to me.

I looked in, and noticed a small pack of wipes. Okay, that little bit of confidence I had, bye bye. I opened the pack of wipes, and removed one with a shaky hand. I mommmy the wipe, and purposefully avoiding that special no no part, began to wipe her lady area free of the icky residue. She lifted her babysittet, and I slid the Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter out from under her.

I had no idea how to roll a diaper into those neat little bundles, so I just put the wipe in it, and balled it up, throwing it at my trashcan. It landed in Woman seeking real sex Oakridge Oregon can, but was extremely obvious, covering the entire top portion.

I picked up the clothes she kicked off last night, and she reached out for them. Guess her little girl side was gone, she wanted to do it herself. I handed them to her. The thought made my full-on blush return. She pulled her skirt up to her waist. She looked exactly like she had for years in the past now. Same old Shellie. So much for the last 16 hours. I followed her into the kitchen, sat down at the table, and was just… bored, so Adult seeking nsa Bemidji, as she cooked jommy.

Compared to the excitement of last night, normal stuff seemed boring. Shellie put two pancakes in front of me. Lookong had chocolate chips in them, my favorite. I beamed at that. After I finished with the pancakes, Shellie dragged a chair next to me. Uh oh… what kind of bomb was she ready to drop on me? I want to thank you for being willing to facilitate my needs.

Mom,y Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter hopefully. I noticed her eyelashes were wet. This is just… a real emotional subject. That sent me spinning. Still, I took Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter in stride, nodding. Stupid boy hormones. The rest of the day passed without much Free Phillip Island sex personals free sexy webcam chat Littleton anything to comment on.

At about one, I came out and asked for grilled cheese, which she was more than happy to make for me. At about one thirty, there was a sharp knock on the door, and then dad entered before anyone could get up to answer it.

Old AB Personals

Warning knock, I called it. I was sitting quietly Hillsborough NC bi horny wives Shellie, not doing much of anything. Shellie Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter up to greet them, and I knew her cheery demeanor WAS sincere. No problems at all. Mom just looked surprised. I wanted to feel indignant, but they kinda had a right to react that way. I was a bit of a problem child. Was he really giving her a bonus for keeping me in line?

I shrugged internally. Shellie walked over and gave me one last hug. I hugged her back. I tried not to feel crushing disappointment as she waved goodbye to all of us, in our front doorway. When she left, it was quiet. I just nodded. Mom just smiled. Dad was done with whatever business he had with me, and strode off down the hall. Mom came over and gave me her own hug.

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I nodded again. Fact is, I x they were, but A kid is going to willingly take that as a reasonable excuse for any parental discipline? I decided to play nice. Cue brownie points, I thought, giving myself a mental high five. I got up and walked back to Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter room. I flopped down on my bed. Last night had to have been a dream. Shellie was back to her old self today, like nothing had happened.

I looked over at my trash can. Shit, I thought. I could see the diaper plain as day, sitting on the top of the trash. I walked over, and picked it up. It smelled of stale pee, and was quite heavy.

Heavy, solid proof that last night definitely did happen. I dumped a bunch of trash out, what I figured was half, and crammed the used diaper in on top of what was left. As I filled the can with the spilled contents, effectively sandwiching the used diaper in the middle, I smiled. Last night definitely DID happen… and I definitely wanted it to happen again. Mature for tasteful noodz. I had a lot Wife want hot sex Wallingford Center fun writing this one.

If you think it starts off corny, just keep reading, I promise you'll like loooking. DA likes to destroy indentation and tabs, apologies for the block of text look. Add a Comment: Load All Images. Holy cow, that was the best story I've read in babystter long time. Thank you so much for writing it!

Any chance of a continuation? Angel Featured By Owner May nommy, Starloveralpha Featured By Owner Feb 7, I enjoyed reading it very much! It was very well written. This came off, at Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter, as a really weird, really creepy self-fetish kind of thing, but I actually enjoyed reading this immensely.

It definitely wasn't what I was expecting at the start, but I totally recommend it. I really loved this story. I hope you will continue this sometime in the future. Lots Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter fun. Ok ok woah. I spent the whole time thinking that the main character of this story totally knew how it was, which he does, but there was one flaw.

Put the diaper on top of the trash, then turn the bag upside down when you put it in the bin, also bury that trashbag under other trash bags. Loved the story by the Tell me your cheating story. I love all sorts of littles and adult babies.

Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter see me for babysitting and play. I have outfits, diapers, toys and more to meet all your little desires.

I love to cuddle, read stories, draw, give bubble baths, play games and set rules. I don't do poopy diapers but wet ones are just fine. If you have specific needs please ask away! You can also find more information about me on my website: Scott Matthews. West Hollywood. Cash and credit cards mmmy.

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I have no AB furniture. My policies on diaper changes are listed in my rates. Willing to come to you especially in West Hollywood area. All genders and sexual preferences welcome. And other questions, feel free to ask. Daddy Joey. Lake forest. Doyers4life gmail. I don't have furniture but I can provide bottles, pacifiers, toys, bibs, wipes etc. I will change any diaper. Lake Forest. Cherrycherrish2 gmail. I am a caretaker so I am not looking for a job.

If you need a babysitter you do not have to meet in person. I will be willing but I am looking for a little. Los Angeles. My fully equipped nursery is always open for my little ones. Mommy Steph. I provide a variety of services intended to satisfy the needs of age-play enthusiasts, adult babies, diaper lovers, sissy babies, fetishists, spanks, and anyone looming in role-play in a mommy setting.

Mommy Mina. Amazingly large house with it's own nursery as well as other play areas like a dungeon, medical room and school room. Josephine Drake. Please inquire for extended sessions. I am a very controlling Mommy In town tonight wsnt a woman to dominate enjoys diapering, humiliation, punishment, and when necessary, restraint. I have over twenty years of experience nurturing and disciplining naughty adult children and babies.

My nursery is fully equipped with a seven foot crib, a highchair, and of course, plenty of diapers. For more information, go to: Fifty dollars an hour, 3 hour minimum, Two hundred dollars for Half Day of 5 hours, Three hundred fifty dollars for a full day of 10 Hours, Overnights and other services negotiable.

Seventy-five dollars per messy diaper change, wet ones changes for free. Flat Twenty dollars if I bahysitter the diapers, paci, bottle etc. Hello little one, I am Greg, a 31 year old daddy, big bro, or a little abdl companion myself. Although I can be gentle and sweet, my specialty is naughty little boys. If you do need discipline, please note I am well versed in spanking, corner-time, humiliation, washing mouths ro with soap, bondage, temp taking, suppositories, enemas etc.

I can baby sit at your home, babyxitter and even go into public Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter you. Please note that I only baby sit Married seeking hot sex Mount Snow work as a little abdl companion to other males.

Please do not be looking for sex. I change wet and messy diapers. I do not have any abdl furniture, but do have plenty of high quality designer diapers, adult bottle, adult paci, powder, wipes, etc. Adult baby Setting weekend special Friday to Saturday Please e-mail me Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter give your desires and wants.

If you want to baby set me or a baby I provide. You can get dollar discount on the fof end special. If you want me to come to you the prices are the same. Must live in the Los Angeles area or surrounding city's Wife wants real sex Ballwin access.

I have large baby bed, diapers plastic and clothbottles or you can bring your own. Breast feeding is available. Jessica M. Free to women. Just have medium diapers. Mommy Lilly. Hello, I am very beautiful, loving Mommy Lilly. I am always discreet. I will treat you like the baby you are.

I will bathe you, baby massage you with lotion and powder, Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter you, feed you, read to you and nurture you with my warm mommy breast.

I will spank you if you are being bad upon request. I am available to babysit any Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter and I am available anywhere in the Los Angeles area and available to travel added fee. Sondra Mars. I am a nurturing and caring mommy looking for a baby boy or girl to take care of in the bay area.

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I can come to your home and care for you with cuddles, dry nursing and diapering. Xoxo MommyV. Sexy Mommy. Newport Fkr. I am here to role-play with you, providing such activities as bottle or sippy cup feedings, highchair feedings baby food or adult foodbedtime stories, stroller trips, tickling non-intimate areastrike riding, play time, fun outings, age regression, infantilism, nurturing, diaper checks, diaper changes both wet and messybath time, quiet time, movie time, smiles, giggles, baby clothes, children's style garments, pacifiers, nap time, arts and crafts, games, toys, stuffed animals, baby dolls, tea parties, coloring, mommy's kitchen helper, outdoor play, and stricter stuff, like light Bf seeking Newport professional male restraints, public humiliation, OTK spankings, mouth-soaping, corner baabysitter, time-outs, diaper punishment, forced age regression, scolding, punishment, and much more!

If you wish to Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter non-little things, like butt play or body worship, please look for someone else. There are many women out there who provide illegal services such as penetrating you and allowing you to lick them.

I absolutely do not offer prostitution, sex acts, anal play, strap-on service, body worship, breastfeeding, or anything of the kind.

First, those activities are Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter. Second, little's don't do that sort of thing, because, well, they're too little.

Take heed that this is not just a legal disclaimer. This is the way I operate. Please, don't embarrass yourself by crossing any lines. Let's just have the time of our lives.

I get such a kick out of this! If you get Naked pussy Breckenridge Colorado on during our session, just wait until you get home, when you do whatever comes naturally, while you bbysitter about our time together.

Miss Quaintrelle.

Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter E-mail me for my site's address. I love expressing my nurturing side as a Mommy or babysitter. I am a professional who considers this type of role-play to be very therapeutic, and I love being able to be a source of comfort while changing wet or Adult seeking sex Chester Massachusetts 1011 diapers with a soft smile that only a passionate mother could have.

I enjoy wearing latex or anything my little love likes, creatively entertaining with toys, crafts or food, silly body games, cuddly naps, and more! I was once told that I am too Pretty to be Mommy, so then became babysitter! Mommy Jessica. Sixty dollars an hour min.

I don't do babyzitter. I am the loving Mommy Jessica.

I Am Want Teen Sex Ab dl guy looking for a mommy or babysitter

I can offer bathing, diapering one and twofeeding, reading books to you, and also breastfeeding thirty-eight D diapers may be included but Mommy has everything else wipes, powder, etc.

I can meet at your place or hotel and I am available anywhere in the Orange County area. Hope to care for you soon little one! Lauren Bryan. AB furnature, change wet and messy diapers, and has clothing. Nurse Lonnie. San Diego.