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Hung guy needs head

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I don't want to make that mistake ever again.

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I, a straight guy, have let my gay friend give me head a few times. How gay does this make me? Well, this started a few months ago late one night when I was looking for someone to smoke some trees with.

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It was about 3 in the morning, so I was checking Facebook chat to see which of my friends were online who would want to come by for a smoke session. Not many Hung guy needs head were on, and I ended up IMing my one friend asking if he wanted to blaze.

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He said he was down to blaze and would be over soon. Him and I were friends in school but never really hung out outside of school. His homosexuality was basically an open secret, he wasn't that flamboyant but all his friends knew. Eventually he came Hung guy needs head fuy we smoked a few bongs.

I of course said I was down, and he gave me a decent sized line for free. He did a line as well, and pretty soon we were Hunb rolling pretty hard. Here is where things picked up.

We were both Hung guy needs head pretty hard from the Molly, talking a mile a minute through dozens of different subjects.

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Eventually we landed on the topic of sex. He started talking about how much he loved giving head, and went on and on about how it was one of the favorite things to do. I was a little intrigued, and was basically giving some idle chatter expecting us to move Lonely lady looking nsa Georgina the next topic at any second.

He then asked me if I liked getting head, to which Hung guy needs head said of course. He asked me if I had ever gotten head on molly, to which I said no. There was a Hung guy needs head bit of an awkward silence before he asked me if I "wanted head right now". I was a little bit shocked, having not ever had someone be so forward about sexual stuff, and played it off assuming he was joking.

He was persistent, and with the Molly making both of us very talkative he went on to say how he always thought I was attractive, and how he "really Hung guy needs head wanted to give me head". I said that I was really Black bbw in Shrewton, but I was straight and didn't want things to be weird between us. He responded by saying that he had fooled around with a couple of his straight friends, even listing off a few guys I knew, and that it wasn't weird between them.

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Long story short, after some more rolling chatter I eventually agreed to let him give me head and dropped trow. To be honest, the Molly was making me pretty horny, and given the Elpaso airport hotel in sensation I was feeling Hung guy needs head the drug I was very interested in getting head, regardless of Hung guy needs head was giving it.

So he gave me head, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and once we were done we just went back to smoking trees. Contrary to what I would have thought, it really wasn't awkward at all. We went back to blazing and shooting the shit as usual.

Can a straight guy ethically accept oral sex from his gay buddy? | Savage Love | Chicago Reader

Even later at school it wasn't at all awkward. Since then, we blazed together a bunch of times, a few of those times ended with him giving me head.

To me, I feel like this Hung guy needs head we have going is mutual beneficial. He gets to give me head, which he much enjoys, and I get to receive the head, which I of course enjoy.

Was rolling on molly, agreed to let me gay friend give me head. Have gotten head from him a few times since then. How gay does that make me?

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It doesn't make you gay-- it just puts your name on the end of that list he recites when he's working his way into another straight guys pants.

Who cares if you're gay or not? The real question here is where the rest of us can find friends who give us free ecstasy Hung guy needs head blow hesd.

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Gut look a gift horse in the mouth, friend! Unless you've got an articulating jaw, you're in for a world of TMJ. My fellow redditors, we are missing a very crucial piece of the puzzle: I of course am referring to the foolproof recitation of the sacred words "No Homo. Probably in a public Hung guy needs head or something but really that's not the important bit.

Oh, wait, I meant to say no. I'm gay. I'm pretty comfortable with that. And as an open, proud, self-aware and self-respecting gay man, I got drunk and licked a whole bunch of pussy.

Changing a pipe doesn't make you a plumber. Licking the occasional pussy doesn't suddenly turn me straight, and getting your dick sucked most certainly doesn't make you the slightest bit gay. It just makes you slutty. Welcome to the club. Sitting on his cock and riding Hung guy needs head like a closeted Clay Hung guy needs head at a down-low dick rodeo while screaming "fuck me, Daddy, make me your little bitch, I want to feel your hot load explode in my little boy pussy," might up your gay score a bit, though.

So just keep that in mind for next time.

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It's already been done http: In the immortal words of Margaret Cho: Am I straight??? I'm Hung guy needs head slutty Where's my parade? Charm makes me think of those elaborate Japanese demon ward ceremonies I laughed at this comment far Hung guy needs head than I should have, now I can't get the image out of my head. Someone needs to make this into an image macro. I met this gay dude after he joined my fraternity.

We've become good friends and he has told me that he has eaten girls out before when he's drunk and I've seen him make out with a lot of girls.

I've never seen him make out Hung guy needs head a dude before, although I've seen him hanging out with other gay dudes so I assume it's a private thing for him.

That being said, he has told me that he wants to bang a Hung guy needs head or two just so he can say he's done it. My ex gead I'm a girl is like that. I was the girl in high school who dated the gay boy.

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Awkward prom photos, the whole nine. He's a two-beer breeder. If he was attractive, there's a good chance it was a rumor perpetrated by wistful straight girls.

Not surprising, some straight people get a bit more same-sex friendly when they're drunk, too. Dude he's definitely gay. He also said he couldn't get it up Hung guy needs head the girls cause he wasnted Hunt, but I have heard he's hookin up with dudes all the time. I think that qualifies him.

Yeah, I know.

It's just fun to imagine a dude using the fact that he is gay to hook up with chicks. Yeah I got the feeling that's what you meant. Just since you brought it up, though, I don't Hung guy needs head how well this would work in real life.

Hung guy needs head A lot of girls think this particular guy is very "hot" and try to flirt with him before they figure out he's need, so to actually try this strategy probably wouldn't even be worth it. Then I guess that makes me gay. Fuck no, wait, I'm just a girl. Sometimes I forget, what with being on the internet all the time.