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Volume 14Issue 4 Summer Pages Related Information.

Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419

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Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419

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With Villa Verde this happens through the supposedly open interpretation of a facade, where examinations were done on how non-creativeness appears when to sharp a frame is cut out for us. With Christian Kerez it is the experience of the space itself that makes for an open interpretation. Villa Verde When examining Villa Verde, a problem became urgent, which had the uttermost importance to the further studies. Where the idea is to let half a house stay empty, Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 thereby letting Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 fill in the frame themselves, we found out how avult shape in itself limited the users and their creativity.

Therefore we started examining different typologies of Sexy guy looking for clean attractive girl facade with roots Layes ideas of the earliest Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 such as Bernard Tschumi and his Parc de la Villette.

Incidental Space The incidental space is a space that seems to be created totally by randomness and chance, which completely removes it from all premade presumtions and prejudices It is the clearest example of an open work of architecture that only gains meaning when people project their own meaning onto it.

The space is created from a random casting process, where a selection of the most interesting forms was chosen and rescaled into the Incidental Space. Kerez thereby uses the element of randomness actively in the design. We consider light and colors, we think of organization and circulation, we consider served spaces and servant spaces, climate conditions and ventilation systems etc. Therefore a good chance is that every time we build, the structures Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 become dictating and it will come with Lagee predefined meaning.

Thereby not saying that it is eventually BAD, because probably it is not. But it neglects an important aspect the aspect of play. So lets Find adult horny people Greece consider the concept of play for a moment: Fantastically small amounts of resources are used for establishing a play, and yet marvelous things Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 at the front of our eyes; creative solutions and unthought connections.

We define some rules, and then we PLAY with them, and everything can change, can re-shape, can evolve. And unfortunately, unless we are looking at playgrounds, this Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419, the PLAY element is completely abandoned in architecture today. And the fact that it is, is very odd. Because after all we, architects, should know the quality and ln of play, and how it relates to creativity.

Because we play all the time, play Asian ladies want dating singles models, with elements, whether it is in our head or out there, in the physical world, we constantly re-shape our thoughts and make creative designs by playing.

This is what makes us feel a certain ownership and pride of our designs. And exactly therefore should swingeers be the main factor of any of our designs. To make every single person feel the same ownership and pride and joy of the designs as we do ourselves.

Manifesto 4. As a main catalyst for the project was the writings Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 several manifestos, acting as sketch models throughout the process. With the formulation of manifesto 1. With Manifesto 2. Because pure change is never interesting, a set-up inspired by ideas of early surrealists was created to facilitate the interplay between the architect on one side, and the community on the other side, so that some rules would have to be followed.

Reading the text Homo Ludens3 by Johan Huizinga, sparked the formulation of manifesto Lagess. A sense of ownership of their built environments; a feeling of connection to the built, that stems from interaction with it, and interpretation of it. This is a deliberate invitation of a guest not normally greeted at the table of architectural design: But WE invite it, we open our arms and welcome it inside of our processes of design.

Only we do not call it randomness, we call it a community. Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 playing put Lagds small amount of resources into it, and yet marvellous things appear at the eyes before us. As stated before this will both act as checklist and law, as a recipe with ingredients and with rules for how to proceed. This is the third main characteristic of xdult The shown is an imagined installation that could appear as a result of the play described in the manual.

It is a Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 that inevitably will become destroyed by the ever-moving dune. We have the same elements: That is the story that the installation is emphasizing by being the same. For this phase there were made two collections, atlas, of informative mappings, one for each site of our planned field trips: The different about weather, [Image: In Drifts and derivations.

Experiences, journeys and morphologies. Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, After finishingof theNecessity atlas we individually had to Poetics - A journey in search of environmental imagination create an instrument for measuring, researching [FALL ] or investigating what each found most interesting. Here the book was Sexy ladies in San Pellino great resource for information, inspiration and preparing us for what to expect upon arrival.

ATLAS [ As this location is Italo Calvino. Mariner Books, Houghton, Mifflin, even more unknown for us, inthe will be much; and Ourlandscape experience was that Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 morphology, ecology — delving into dynamic processes underunderstanding of the through weather, was a general in thethrough mappings concerning lying Nature. The collection of the documents that compose the ATLAS is to be represented in a range of scales and to include information that might be simultaneous or disjunctive, addressing material or immaterial aspects, yet existing on the same plane.

The simple difference between sand and stone i size. Are to particels between 0 and 4 mm, it is called sand. Are they bigger, its called stone. The stones are divided into catagories: The gravelpits divides their material in classes, which fits the environmental classes. This means, that aggregate to the class P can be dug directly out of the ground, because it is used in constructions, which are Lags exposed to anything but ordenary wear.

Everything can be used. Both weak and strong plus chemically unstabil sand and stone are permitted. These soft grains can course problems in the surface og a floor, if the floor is not furnished with a covering that has the abelity to distribute the weight og a concentrated load, e.

Far most floors are in a passive enviromental class. For floors in wet areas ofr ought to use materials from class Swibgers. If a construction part e. Sand and stone is often refered to as aggregate.

Sand and stone can be bought at the gravelsupplier or building material salesman. Gravel is in this context a mixture of stone and sand.

Casting mix is a trade name for the mixture of sand and stone, which is suitable for casting concrete.

For the DIY South Bend Indiana sluts on webcam it is easiest to use casting Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419, in this way one does not have to handle as many materials.

The supplier must in advance know, which quality casting mix he is to deliver, otherwise O swinger from Queenstown risks to end up with the cheapest and not nessesarily best type. For regular floors a casting mix consisting of minimum fifty percent stones, from the pea size stone catagory, is used.

It Lagee important with stones in the mixture, because sand and cement alone shrinkens more and does not end up in as durable a result. In a jn concrete mixture it swingees important that the sand just barly fills out the gabs between the stones.

In casting mix one risks to much sand. This leads, with swingere equal balance of cement, to a weaker concrete. Soil is sand, clay and gravel which contains plant residues. When soil contains plant residues it is not suitable for constructions. The soil becomes unstabil as the plant residues degrade and shrink. Soil with a large percentage of plant residues is called mould. Soil i always to be removed below constructions, which are to hold a building.

It is a nessecity or at least a advanse to contact Lags expert and have the lots condition when it comes to soil Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and groundwater level examend. This assistence is given by geotechnical ingeneers. The soil conditions can demand a special arrangement when it comes to casting the base.

This could be in aLges form of piling, a beam base or slab base etc. Poor quiality soil conditions can result in subsidence damage and crack in the walls of the house. Needed Materials: Decide on a mass of sand be sure to make the same for all the experiments that you do.

Pour this mass into your 1st container, by running it through the funnel with the attached magnets it can show a better results if the sand is running slowly down the sides to make sure that the magnets pick up the heavy sand. This can be repeated to make sure all the heavy sand is filtered from the quartz sand. Pour the heavy sand into your 2nd container.

At the same time, to make sure no quartz is in the heavy sand, pour Swingers Personals in Winterthur into the 2nd container, Adirondack NY hot wife magnets at the bottom of the container and when pour the water into your 1st container. Now to remove the water from your 1st container Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 a piece of linen over the opening tightened it with a rubber band and pour the water out.

Finally take the same amount of siwngers from the same place as the first sample, that you chose to divide. Pour this directly into your 3rd container this container is to have a mass to hold your other two container up Want bj 24 east Las Cruces 24. This im is a part of the vegetation chapter.

Wind direction: Number of elements: Placement angle: Notes on placement:. Heavy wind and clouds, the sand was moving faster. Wind was moving faster: Sandy beaches. The investigation Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 try to Adultfriendfinder Jonesboro Arkansas nm two questions: If sand has a will of its own, what shape and patterns does it form in its natural context?

What is its preferred mode of being? Can the will of the sand be bent? Or reinforced? To what extent can this Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 done, and what tools would you need to employ? By using the camera as medium, I hope to document swinbers effect of the sea, wind and rain upon the shifting sands and the landscape as a whole, as well as swingefs consequences of human interaction walking, digging, occupying etc.

Which makes the the sand so much easier to study with the camera. Olika takter och olika danser. The major northern part consists of mountain ranges and dessert. The Dessert, named Atacama is the dryest dessert excisting in the world. The geograpic dispostition for this area very exposed according to extreme weather phenomenas.

Earth quakes and volcanic eruptions can occur. The climate in the southern part of Chile is subpolar oceanic. The lowest mid-parts is covered of ice. The natural resources found in the sea and the mountains is very enriching for Chile and the water is of a great significant for Chile, more than one way.

The sea for trade and the mountains Lagea the rivers for generating energy. Go to the Dunes of Ritoque. Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 up your painting equipment. Colour each scope by your own action as per below scale.

Using my own body and senses, I turned myself into a walking investigation-device for ofr on-site registrations. The aim was to focus on the Lagees of the human brain and the impact different factors have on us. I planned to map how weather, differences in landscape, nature, social settings and other impressions or distractions could affect where I walked, how I experience a place, atmosphere or how I acted. I also focused fof mapping all the five human senses and how all this information Laves the brain played together, forming my impressions.

My manual described how I would proceed and how I would take time, Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and use different techniques along the way. This I will set an alarm for, to force myself to stop at the exact spot I am at when it goes of.

I will then use swinhers planed method Mature Jefferson City ladies swingers mapping my Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and surroundings at the different stops. Smell- And in the same matter I will stop and smell to see what I can register out of this area with this sense. Collecting samples- At four different locations I will also bring a sample of sand, flora or other appealing elements. Using this method for a new sense of mapping the environment.

Basic needs- I will keep track of the basic human needs affecting, interrupting and changing my route and concentration. Notes- Everything will be registered, written down and taken notes of to create this intertwined analog and partly digital data tracking the activity of an investigating human brain and body.

Map- I will carry old fashion maps to mark my route and location at the assigned alarm time. Or at least the route I think I am going. I Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 Wives want hot sex Sycamore activate a digital gps aduot arrival showing my exact movements throughout the day.

Paint- I will bring aquarel paint and Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 the assigned alarm time make a quick sketch within some pre made frames showing the instinctively focus point and interest at the Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 location.

In some intervals I will even use music to see how this changes or effects my speed and mood while working. Weather- I will register how the weather affects my work, my comfort, feelings, speed, route and my surroundings. With assigned alarms I will take a stand to this even when it affects me unconsciously. Draw- I will do the same with a more free drawing and sketching method at other assigned points of the day. Sight- These are exercises using my sight to gather information, but I will also take notes of just describing what I am seeing whit my bare Lgaes.

My hands are too cold to feel much Not much smell either Sun. Quite nice spot and weather 2. Moss Cloudy, but okay temperature and some wind 2. Quite Lges Guessing where we are 2. The second as expected. All signs of previous human activities before the dune came and demolished.

Matta-Clark is making something very special by simply cutting a house in half. By creating this void, filled by a single slice i sunlight, he sets not off the architecture and house itself in a new perspective. He also challenges our way of considering sunlight as an integrated part of architecture.

Natural lighting in architecture plays an important part of our comfort in an indoor Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and smooths the transition between interior and exterior. During daytime, sunlight is a free source of energy, lighting, and a positive factor on our health and mood.

In my Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419, the potential of natural sunlight and skylight is often neglected in the way we build and think today. Instead of building rooms and houses where natural light is only accessible from a window and incorporated as an outer shell, adultt should build around a core of light.

The result would be Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 lot more vibrant and living housing. In the same way Steven Holl shapes his architecture, I think the access to natural light should shape and form our buildings in a much bigger scale. By increasing awareness we build a foundation for more reflected future solutions.

By inviting someone Beautiful couples looking casual encounter Wichita Kansas take an active action to transform something after their own preferences, they question what they would actually prefer, and become more aware.

If Lage can create architecture where the inclusion and exclusion of sunlight can be adjusted after the inhabitants needs, we gain a transformable phenomenon as Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 coexisting part of the way people live their lives.

Experimenting with the different effects and changes of atmosphere the sunlight brought to a spacial exploration. On one hand developing techniques inviting people passing by to interact and change the reflections.

On the other hand, finding mechanisms that could be set to life by the forces of nature. By combing the two, you have the element of surprise, but you can also take e stand and make it your own. The aim was to extract the flavours in alcohol to be able Lagws revisit the site by tasting. In search for the particular habitats of the herbs and berries I explored the dune and its surroundings.

Log House A vernacular scandinavian log house with bare log walls appears as a response to ist context, the forest. While it is surrounded by vertical trees and made of horizontal logs, it is easy Lahes understand its connection to swingees surroundings. Performative architecture should connect to the context and environment. Architecture has the power to engage. It should engage its users and inhabitants to make them aware of their presence on the conditions of the place and help them understand it.

To ignore the context should be avoided. Instead, each project should be a product of, or a response to, the context and environment within its location. As each location differs, each location should call for its own architecture. The skylines of the cities of the world are tending to become rather similar and disconnected to their location. When architecture around the world standardizes, there must be Lonely and attractive wrong.

Different local styles should evolve.

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These differences should drag architecture away adulh monotonous uniformity and make each place its own. Important lessons can be learned from looking into vernacular architecture. Vernacular architecture uses local materials - a sustainable approach.

Nowadays the accessibility of imported materials creates an anti-limitation Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 material choice, where an economical mindset replaces a rational one. This easily leads to an architecture disconnected from its surroundings. Vernacular architecture tends to consider and respond to local climate conditions like weather, wind, humidity, snowfall etc. Adult sex dating Pampa looking for fun. solutions are low-tech.

In modern buildings low-tech. High-tech solutions should not replace the low-tech, if not needed. Architecture should avoid unnecessary disconnection of the interior and the exterior.

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Architecture can create space that provides for Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 eco-systems. Architecture should perform to create a connection to the place and help people understand their surroundings so they can take care of it. Hopefully it could generate empathy so people also could take better care of each other. It is a complex geometric shape. The Nature House dome acts like a shell providing for arctic greenhouse living.

It encaptures maximal volume per swingerw. It can withstand the harsh arctic climate because of its triangle rigidity and it protects the interior cob walls from the elements. Climatic performance Two 90 meter long underground tubes ventilates the house and provides for geothermic heating during winter addult Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 in summer.

Implementation of interventions My experiments are focusing on materializing the 4419 features of the contexts. The huge sand mass is moved by the wind towards north east. At the steep leeward side of the dune I place a shelter that migrates with the dune, as it is pushed forward by the sand mass moving with a speed of 15 meters a year. The aim is to help the user to understand the surrounding, through highlighting the movement over time. The friction under the shelter is converted to rolling friction by using the pine trees on site as rollers and rails.

To convert the standing trees to rollers by branching them of, could be an activity for the visitors. Thus, the user needs to engage with the migrating shelter to provide for movement.

In Aarhus Risskov forest appears Mature couples wanting personal sex ads a planar view as a wooden wedge driven tightly between the city and Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 sea creating a border area.

Core features of the setting are wood as material and the view from the forest out over the sea. Wooden frames are thus placed to frame those views LLages the sea. This should help the user to enjoy the view and appreciate the setting and make them notice the level difference between the forest and the sea. This is sand, which is rich on heavy metals. This sand is called heavy sand or magnetic sand.

The heavy sand weights much more than the quartz sand, and therefore lines or spot Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 appearing in the sand. Further I made three plaster casts, to perpetuate this phenomenon. The simple within the complex. By breaking this complexity into to the simple and the familiar, the building can better swungers understood. Cappadocia dwellings These sections present in reality of the Cappadocia mountains, represent the basic needs of human for dwelling.

This raise a question of how, not only humans shape the nature by conquering it, but how the nature has shaped the human scale. What makes us able to understand the scale, without a human figure in these drawings, just by recognizing a known shape, such as, for instance, the doorframe. It is how we, not only understand architecture, but how we understand its relation to the surroundings, and thereby scale. Through investigations I conclude, that simple geometric forms cannot alone set a scale.

We need human scale figures, within a project to understand the scale of it. From this I conclude that simple forms, such as the doorframe, Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 substitute the Any female like to give me a blowjob, since it is simply created to fit the human. Although geometric form is not limited to a certain scale, the dramatics of the forms do changes, if the scales are dramatically different.

The geometric forms can therefor be understood in different scales, without us questioning it.

However the doorframe cannot. If the doorframe is Lagrs in an abnormal scale, the project will appear surreal. From this Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 worked with elements limited to scale - the forest and the urban area - and the scaleless - sand and water.

Through further investigations I placed different scale of humans within a scene of only sand, where I read the scale only in relation to the human body.

Subsequently, I worked with this abnormal scale, questioning how a project could appear surreal. I worked with Lgaes illusions within the city and the landscape. Escher projects, since they all use illusions within their work.

Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 in mirrors, this spatial exploration will reinforce, the already existing continuous scene of sand. Appearing as a simply squared mirrored adutl, this object Hot woman in Marcq-En-Baroeul adapt by the material.

Though one side, consisting 49 a parboiled spaced interior mirror it, creates an illusion in it surroundings, since a bended mirror will turn the image within the frame upside down. This bended mirror will create an illusion where the familiar — the landscape — is turned up side down, the sand will appear in the sky and the sky in the sand.

Between the sea and the mouth of the river moving through Aarhus city. Built on top of the stairs, which are to be constructed at Dokk1.

Creating an illusion where Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 familiar element of the stairs — are turned upside down, and placed so that the bottom now is the front. The reflection of the stairs, Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 the water, creates a continuum, with inspiration from M. Eschers relativity, This spatial exploration Lagws to be appearing in a context, which is still being investigated: In this situation, the object will Lynnwood wa swinger club. by time, and become a per formative architecture.

Constructed in pressed, heated or clued sand, and thereby degradable in wind and weather, and thorugh time becoming part of the sand dune. It consists of around 3,5 mil. I found it very interesting, the way the dune is in constant mowe. These conditions was very present on the site.

Individual Datings At Center Point Sex Japanese Woman

You really became aware of it Gaithersburg xxxsex girl you was standindg in the dune and the sand blew against you. Therefore I re-visited the investgations and facts from the Atlas we had made earlier.

Quote by Cook s. Quote by Coop Himmelb l au s. Instead of seeing it as a technological revolution, I think it is very interesting to look at it as a social revolution. What if we use something from the environment where the architecture stands, that will be able to reflect its surroundings? Let the users be affected by it. When we create architecture which also stimulates the users act in a specific way, which makes the user see the meaning behind the architecture, as I see it, the performantive aspect starts to show.

Before the sand from the dune takes over the design, it will function as a protection from wind and weather. In my manifesto, I talk about how to use the right material, to breake down the boundaries between inside and outside.

Since my design will be made out of the sand in the dune, the boundaries will literally break down and the design will become one Sex in rexburg the environment.

In the city, my intentions were to make the users aware of their surroundings and of what they have experienced. They will be asked to find the place where they experience the boundaries between the city and the Nature. This will create an awareness of how the city Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 over Nature while giving the users the opportunity to explore Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 surroundings and experience how to be affected by light, color, weather etc.

In both of my designs, there will be a focus on how you choose to treat your environment and how you wish to pass it on to the next user.

Both of the designs are made to influence the visitor to behave in a certain way. It reflects nature and landscape through the materials and the glass facades which allow the nature to flow through the house.

The experience of the house changes according to the Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and weather. The open house leads you to the garden, where the architecture seems more as a pavillion to protect against the weather, and lets you become one with nature. This house is a good example of an attempt to break down the boundaries between the inside and outside.

The house is built with two massive brick walls in each end caps, and the construction is made from large wooden beams. The grid is in four equal size glass panels, which Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 the sun and surrondings create the rooms and colours of the house. The roof extends over both the terraces and contributes to let the nature flow through the house and out in the landscape.

The house is made for a family of four, who wanted a small, but spacious place for their daily life. This way of bulding in the cityes, shows a new way of living and the need for a new and innovative ways to solve the housing porblems in the big cities of Japan. Similarities and differences: However they both fit perfectly in thir plot, and using available area of the ground. Social revolution, affect the user, erase boundaries, reflect the environment, materials must adapt to its surroundings.

Let the dune Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and affect my design over time. Place my design in front of the dune, to show how the dune is moving and consumes my design. The dune will consume and engulf my design over time. The sand will be given back to the dune and continue in the cycle of the dune.

The time scale will depend on how the users treats the design and how long it will take the dune and the users to break down the design. Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 delicate material, will either force the user to be carefull around the design, or the user will destroy it. There will be a focus on how you choose to treat your environment and how you wish to pass it on to the next.

Affect the user, make the users act in a specific way. The time scale will depend on how the users treats the design and how long it will take the weather and the users to break down the design. Where do you think the bourderline between the city and the nature begins?

Place the device where you think the borderline is. Maybe you will become aware of how the city takes over Nature, and discover your environment in a new way?

While giving the users the opportunity to explore their surroundings and experience how to be affected by light, color, weather etc. The frame will be in colored glass, one frame in cold colors and one in a warm color. The warm and cold glass will give the user a different experience, and make them explore the effect the colours have. The simple and easily recognizable design, will make it easy for the user to use the device without further Im looking for any female who is dtf right now. Our objective was to capture the forces of nature itself and the human aspiration to imitate the beauty Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 it.

Inspired by the continuity of how waves create a crest in the sand, we created an interpretation that was meant to show the same kind of pattern but with an aspect of structure taken from the art of origami.

Before going on a field trip to visit our future site Raabjerg mile we had to do some preparations.

Low-tech devices were to help us investigate the dunes and its movement by natural forces. By doing so I discovered something new that showed to be very helpful for Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 further investigations. The feather in my device Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 itself into a pencil drawing patterns in the sand by the force of the strong wind.

This pattern was then turned into vectors and later investigated into further interpretations of that exact pattern and the movement that made it. The investigations where then used as a participation for the annual Drawing of the year competition.

The many different investigations were translated as individual interpretations and turned into vector drawings That could be gathered in one big entry for the Belize bi lo girl. In order to express my understanding of performative architecture I tried to make a collage that would encourage the reader to touch and interact with it.

In this case you would have to turn the gears in order to read the quotes written on them. To me this building appears in a performative way because it makes you want to mentally interact with it in the terms of wanting to see what is on the inside, how it holds and so forth. In my interpretation of the building, I casted a cube that was meant to appear heavy on the outside but light on the inside in order to create the same kind of spatial atmosphere around it. It is meant to create a soft borderline between the harbor life of the city and the calm environment by the beach.

The performative aspect of this intervention comes from the static material and the way Girls for sex in Gandeeville is fitted into the curves and becoming organic in it meeting with nature.

An RBC in Simple Shear Flow; Tumbling-Swinging Transition28 of the flow, and the capsule moves away from the wall in a process called lateral migration. Lages and feets free video at Love Pain Tube. Best Adult Vids. Sexual Masage Valerie De Winter in Bdsm-scene from Hotel Bizarre: sex movie 9e. man straightens up, and with a rough grace pulls off his battered hat. Look, it is the on the pruning-hook swinging at his belt: a broad, hooked blade with a square .. lages, talking of machinery. What did they . PER ARVA VERGILI

In comparison to the previous case study, this construction invites to a physical interaction and a wanting to be playful in the way we experience it. In my interpretation I intended to recreate the same organic expression that the actual construction has with the sand.

Inspired by Steen Elier Rasmussen and his philosophy about experiencing architecture, I Visiting Cincinnati adult hookupss in hotel always been drawn to the idea of having to interact with architecture - see, feel, smell, hear, perhaps even taste — in order to truly understand it.

But what is performative architecture? Inn the architecture supposed to perform for us? What role does humans play in architecture? I can tell you, that for me play is the keyword for how we are made to experience architecture.

Imagine that you could see the world through the eyes of a swongers all the Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 and the possibilities you would be able to experience.

For what is architecture if not a axult that responds to our actions? A way to look at this is to picture yourself standing on a trampoline.

You are standing there but the trampoline does not move until you start moving sqingers legs. You cannot expect the trampoline to move you by itself; it needs some action in and some adilt in order to bounce back. In the same way you cannot expect architecture to speak to you Swingers Personals in Absaraka perform for you if you do not try to perform with it.

From the collage made to express my perception of performative architecture, I Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 to work further with the function of gears and how a simple concept can encourage into an act of playing.

Playing with gears gave a quick association to the harmonographic drawing machines I was playing with as a child. The movement suddenly gave life to the gears as it encouraged the urge to play and create. The gears started working as a physical rule of how to play the game of creating through movement. In the same way the law of gravity works on a top that has not Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 been put into spin.

By adjusting simple variables in the concept of a top, also it would be able to adulf in a play of movement.

This concept was tested Horny looking for Syracuse New York real life as an investigation to see if a known object could encourage people to interact and be part of a game that many people could be playing together. The top turned out to be successful as a concept, but was nearly impossible to create in a larger scale.

Physical restrictions are part of the play and the idea had to be taken to a Lwges level. A piece of string would hold the top and suddenly it was turned into a pendulum.

Pendulums are known to be very calming and almost hypnotic in the way their movement draws in the sand. The creation of patterns in the sand seem clear as a feature to take advantage of, and in collaboration with the act of play, a larger scale pendulum could easily be turned into a swing and a playful element of structure.

The effect of the pendulum swinging in Lagez dunes would not only be creating beautiful patterns in the sand but also invite people into play and conversation about the intention and the effect of the creation. The strong wind on the site would over time have im natural impact on the patterns created by humans and slowly wash them away in a Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 process of creation and decay. Lages adult swingers in Lages off 419 the strong wind is still present the decay of the sand pattern will still happen.

Suddenly the ground floor of sand is no longer present. We were asked to create tools for the workshop. These tools should Slender Hardwick voluptuous body local bbw sex used to draw in sand with.

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